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♥ to hold onto

March 2012

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♥ to hold onto

Drabble: Digimon Xros Hunters (Hideaki x Tagiru /slash/)

Title: Millionaire
Summary: Knuts are little bounts of happiness to Hideaki, now if only he can get Tagiru to share that same enthusiasm.
Characters/Pairings: Hideaki, Tagiru, Gumdramon, Hideaki/Tagiru

Tagiru has heard this before. The same dreary speech that he heard the other teen rant on and on every day of the week that now he can follow it word by word. Mocking. Hideaki's enthusiasm can be contagious too bad it couldn't be applied to his speech pattern as he goes along the same words over and over again. The only thing that's different is probably because the rookie digimon that Tagiru is partnered with had to listen much to Gumdramon displeasure. The boy did use this as a dispclinary action due to the Betsumon incident.

Tagiru sure can pick them. He just wants me to suffer..you jest...Oh I think he's back to earth.

"-and we'll be taking measures of bringing the best takoyaki to of global proportions," Hideaki said, grin widen by the second as he looked happily at other boy. The other just smiled uneasily patting his friend's shoulder in a way to calm him down..hoping that he isn't going to be squeeze out another part-time job. His ears haven't recovered from the last one thanks to some batty old lady that's supposedly meant to be Hideaki's aunt yelling orders instead of giving him orders.

"Then you wouldn't mind helping out for-" he was interrupted.

"Wait another part-time job. Give me some relaxation time. Digimon hunting isn't actually what you call the easiest job in the world. You wouldn't believe the type of work Yuu made me do," pity points needed to be included, thankful the blonde wasn't around to hear his complaints.

It didn't hit Hideaki at all as he placed his arm around Tagiru shoulders, "But wouldn't it be easier just to get on the get-go now. I just like things done earlier rafter then later so that we- I mean I could have something to fall upon if I land onto hard times."

He quickly replaced that 'I' back with 'we' again knowing how Hideaki can be so dismissal about the relationship at the current time due to some issues around his folks.

"-get an house," yep looking into future plans sounds like him.

"adopt a few kids."

Wait. What? Tagiru eyes widen at that.